Delight in Everyday

Sarah Stearns Ceramics celebrates everyday life. I believe in finding the beauty in small moments, and fostering connections between people. I explore how texture and form promote mindfulness when holding a mug, and I value the role of tableware in uniting friends and family.

There are a wide range of items in my line. I make mugs, coffee pour-overs, hanging planters, jewelry dishes, ring cones, tumblers, and flasks. To make each piece, I weigh out a lump of clay and knead it into a smooth ball. Next, I throw the basic shape using a potter’s wheel. Then I trim the bottom edge with sharp tools. If the piece requires a handle, then I pull it by hand. After the piece dries to a firmer consistency, I carve the details and add the first layer of color. I fire the piece once, glaze it, and fire it a second time.


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